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Now proud to announce 8 inch in green. Yes that"s right our green hoverboard collection is growing! This model right here is the faster indoor 8 inch hoverboard this thing zooms. Great for getting around in the office you won't wanna get off. "Sure I will get you coffee Bob." Seriously though these gizmos are so much fun. The kids will get a kick out of them too. Get ahead of your Christmas shopping now and surprise your loved one with the gadget of the year. Feel safe riding Rethink Hoverboards knowing all models use the latest Samsung batteries.

Get a free carry bag with your order these bags are awesome! Store your hoverboard away safely with these bags. Also great for if you need to carry your board when the battery dies. Carrying your board without a bag can be uncomfortable and tiring. You will have all of the latest accessories. What are you waiting for? The future is just a few clicks away! The 8 inch hoverboard is great for the whole family. Even friends will want to ride your 8 inch hoverboard. Get your 8 inch green hoverboard today!

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Battery Capacity 36V @4400mA/h or @5800mA/h
Bluetooth Audio Controls No
Motor Power 300W *2
Color Green
Top Speed 3 - 15 mph (depending on weight)
Battery Samsung Lithium Battery
Max Uphill Angle 15-20 Degrees
Max Weight Load 325lbs (147kg)
Mileage (Depends on road and rider weight) 9-18.5 miles
Charging Time 2 - 3 Hours
Product Weight 24 lbs (11 kg)
Dimensions L 24" x W 8.6" x H 9"

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8 Inch Green Hoverboard

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