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Ride into the future with style, new 8 inch white hoverboards have a lot to offer. Some pretty amazing new features this model brings to the table have to do with the battery and its charge. First off all 8 inch models are sporting the latest UL certified batteries. One great thing about these batteries are the fact you can charge them in about 2 hours. That's right your back on your way. Another great battery saving feature is the standby battery mode.

When inactive for a long time the system automatically shuts down for you. This in co-operation with the kinetic energy recovery system really bring a long lasting battery to the table. When sudden stops occur little weights rotate enough that they act like little generators to keep your battery juiced. Going down a incline also gives your battery a boost of life as well. Yes that's right gravity can now charge your hoverboard. You also get a free carry bag with your order!

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Battery Capacity 36V @4400mA/h or @5800mA/h
Bluetooth Audio Controls No
Motor Power 300W *2
Color White with blue grip pads
Top Speed 3-15mph
Battery Samsung Lithium Battery
Max Uphill Angle 15-20 Degrees
Max Weight Load 325lbs (147kg)
Mileage (Depends on road and rider weight) 9-18.5 miles
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Wheel Size 8" inch wheel
Product Weight 24 lbs (11 kg)
Dimensions L 24" x W 8.6" x H 9"

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8 Inch White Hoverboard

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