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Bluetooth Hoverboard

   One thing we are a head of is with our 2016 Hoverboards, bluetooth option. Marty Mcfly may have had a hoverboard way before it was even a thing but Marty didn’t have a Bluetooth hoverboard! Choose a bluetooth option for your 2016 Hoverboard and stream the latest music and cruise around. Stand up straight, feet in place and feel that breeze with your loud 2016 bluetooth hoverboard! Not only do you have this amazing feature you also get a free bluetooth remote as a gift. The Bluetooth remote is fashionable it looks something like a sports car remote. Buttons are clicky and responsive, you can really tell the remote was made to last.

Bluetooth can be added to all other models on our website besides these, by choosing to add bluetooth when adding to cart

10 Inch Graffiti Hoverboard
10 Inch Paint Splash Hoverboard
10 Inch Flame Red Hoverboard
10 Inch Carbon Fiber Hoverboard
10 Inch Red Hoverboard
10 Inch Blue Hoverboard
10 Inch Black Hoverboard
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  It even has a metal clasp so you can easily clip to a key chain or belt loop. Also has a led light to indicate a button was pressed. Even more impressive the remote has a alarm in case it happens to get stolen. Its like they thought of everything! The remote lets you lock up the wheels for added security. It also turns your bluetooth hoverboard on and off. Have the best of the best just a few clicks away! Buy bluetooth hoverboards from us, they all come with remote control start/stop and are the large 10 inch wheel.  Having bluetooth allows you to play music from your phone to your hoverboard speakers which is a lot of fun.

  When you go riding down the street with your bluetooth hoverboard speaker blaring people will have no choice but to move out of your way. You will have the latest in bluetooth hoverboard technology. You can even take calls through your hoverboard if you want. Marty Mcfly won't have anything on you. You also don't have to worry about falling out of the air. Using bluetooth is also safer than using headphones when you think about it. Not only will your ears be free of to hear your surroundings but friends or family will be able to enjoy music around you. 

  Join everyone else with a hoverboard and ride into the future its so much fun here. Hoverboard kart accessories are becoming a new and popular add on. Have the ability to turn your bluetooth hoverboard into a bluetooth go kart in minutes. Use your 2016 bluetooth hoverboard to lug around your cooler and even as much as a kayak.