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Black Hoverboard

 Fade into the darkness with our Black hoverboard for sale! Get your stealthiest on at night and cruise on down with your 10, 8 or 6.5 inch wheels and Bluetooth on under the moonlight! The only 2016 hoverboards that offer the high quality and efficiency in battery life! Riding any of these models at night will make it look like your really hovering down the street. People will loose there minds when you cruise by like some sort of magic. The 10" inch models are more for the outside environment offering you the latest in 2 wheel balance board technology. The inflatable tires will help give you a smooth majestic ride over bumps and cracks in the road. Something the 6.5" models don't like to do. If your looking for something to ride inside down long hallways you hate to walk then this needs to be in your life.  

Here at Rethink Hoverboards we try our best to give our customers a variety. You can find three different models of black hoverboard for sale. We have the 8 inch black hoverboard which is one with a cool diamond shape to its pedals. The Glide Plus is the 6 inch board that you can also find in black. Finally is the 10" model coming solid black and also in carbon fiber. All hoverboards are made with ABS plastic, aluminum wheels and rubber treads for safety. All models also have bright LED lights do you can see at night without a problem. Safety and affordability are our goals for customers. Get any size black board for sale feeling confident that your riding safe equipment. Riding a board feels like your floating through the air you will feel like your really hovering. Get yours today and add a carry bag to make carrying a breeze.   

10 Inch Black Hoverboard
8 Inch Black Hoverboard
6.5 Inch Black Hoverboard
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How To Ride A Hoverboard?

When learning how to ride your black one for sale it can be pretty easy once you understand how it works. Once you have placed one foot flat on the device your ready to jump up with the other foot. Now that both feet are on your hoverboard it will start balancing for you. Now all you have to do is lean your weight forward or back in the desired direction. Turning is just as simple as going forward or back all you have to do is lean your forward in the direction  you want to turn its that easy.

Safety Tips After Buying A Black Hoverboard

Some safety tips for riding your black hoverboard include wearing a helmet and pads if your a new rider. Kids that are under the age of 18 should have a helmet for safety reasons also. Another important safety tip is to remember not to leave your hoverboard plugged in all night. The max charge time is 3 hours, over charging can ruin your battery by not holding a charge. 

What Am I Getting With The Hoverboard?

You will receive a UL charger certified by UL. One user manual and your new black hoverboard. You will also get a remote starter for your board. I can start and lock your hoverboard from unwanted riders.