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Blue Hoverboard

    Hop on this 2016 Blue Hoverboard and pretend you are hovering over the ocean water! Choose the Bluetooth option and pop on ocean sounds and cruise on down the street and dream of sailing over the blue water. With a 10, 8, or 6.5 inch wheel option and 2016 new and improved high quality materials with impeccable battery life! Hoverboards are the thing of the future! It won't be long before everyone has a blue board. Walking will be a thing of the past if you choose so. There are so many colors, sizes and designs to choose from. If you get at 6.5" inch model you can add a protective silicone cover of another color or match it. It will be like you have two hoverboards. Get yours now on sale before we are out of stock!
     Buy a board for sale at discount prices from the top board retailers in the world. These hoverboards for sale are the most popular brand currently available to buy. The blue hoverboard is a popular one with boys and the 6.5 is most commonly purchased.  Check out the reviews to see what customers are saying about these great boards. Blue is one of our top rated colors don't forget to leave a review once you receive your hoverboard. We love to know how we are doing when it comes to delivering blue ones to our customers. Blue is such a great color for boards it can be for both boys and girls. Nothing would be better than a blue one for the whole family. Make this Christmas one your loved ones wont forget! Add a blue carry bag to match.

10 Inch Blue Hoverboard
8 Inch Blue Hoverboard
6.5 Inch Blue Hoverboard
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How To Ride?

Have at it, buy a blue hoverboard but not sure how to ride it? That's okay we will give you some tips on mastering your board. The main stance is a little tricky to get the hang of but once you do you will feel awesome. All you have to do is get one foot on the pedal flat then hop up with your other foot and the hoverboard balances for you. After that its just slight adjustments to your weight in the desired direction and pivoting your left or right foot in the direction you want to turn. Soon you will be a master on your blue board for sale.

Safety Tips For Hoverboards

Some simple safety tips included adults and children that are new to hoverboards to wear a helmet. Another easy to remember safety tip is to not leave your battery charging all night. The max amount of hours a hoverboard needs to charge is only 3 hours. Leaving it to charge can result in overcharging that can ruin your battery to the point it doesn't hold a charge.

What Am I Getting?

In the package with the hoverboard is a remote starter as a gift. This remote can start your board and ever lock it so no one can ride it with out your permission. Also included in your blue hoverboard package is a UL charger and user manual. You will even be glad to know all hoverboards come with a Samsung battery built in.