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Multi-Color Hoverboard

This Multi-Color Hoverboard, decked out with the most vibrant colors, is a head turner! Hover on by and wave goodbye to your friends with your 10 inch wheel Multi-Color Hoverboard. This is the future, soon every one is going to be hovering down the street. Walking around the office will be a thing of the past. Especially with our amazing battery life. You will be on your hoverboard all day. There's no other product that delivers fun and advanced technology like these. Check out the Bluetooth option to stream your favorite music as your cruise! As a free gift all of our 10" inch models also come with a bluetooth remote control. The sweet is that!

    With this controller you can lock your hoverboard even turn it on and off. Hoverboards offering you the highest quality of materials, get yours today! What are you waiting for, look at all those cool looking colors. These special color hoverboards are a limited time offer and can be purchased right now with included remote start and bluetooth speakers! Multi-color hoverboards don't get any better than this, all of our colored hoverboards are 10 inch models. Not only are they cool colored but they also can ride over bumps and cracks the other models have trouble. Thanks to the huge inflatable tires on the multi-colored boards will have the ride of your life. 

    The multi-color hoverboards are so sick! They are literally more popular than any other model. Can you blame them though? I mean we do have a multi-colored hoverboard. That's next most popular is the Bluetooth Pulse - Carbon Fiber. Its sleek and not to flashy something the guys can appreciate. We even have a Flame Red design that would be sure to excite any child. Make this Christmas one your loved ones won't forget and you can cross that hoverboard off your list. Act fast and add a carry bag before they all run out! 

10 Inch Graffiti Hoverboard
10 Inch Paint Splash Hoverboard
10 Inch Flame Red Hoverboard
10 Inch Carbon Fiber Hoverboard
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How To Ride A Hoverboard?

Purchasing a multi-color hoverboard is exciting and a great investment! Getting a multi-color hoverboard is a great investment because they are extremely ideal for use in cities. Our self-balancing scooters are made out of the highest quality materials and deliver exhilarating fun to ever consumer. These hoverboards are durable and are a reliable source of transportation. Use your color hoverboard as your primary source of transportation and save on gas and the headache of traffic. No more car maintenance fees or car payments!

Safety Tips For Hoverboard

A multi-color hoverboard is perfect for city travel and allow you to beat the traffic to get to point A in a quicker time span. Never be late for work again or a night out on the town with a hoverboard. Pair up a color hoverboard with a carry bag to make your new self-balancing scooter easy to carry anywhere you go. The carry bag allows you to safely store your hoverboard under a desk our in a locker and protects it from any stretches or damages that could occur. If you decide to start using a multi-color hoverboard as reliable source of transportation consider looking into the Bluetooth option.

What Do I Get With A Hoverboard?

The Bluetooth option allows you to pair any phone make and model with our multi-color hoverboard. Not only will you be cruising in style but now you have your favorite tunes to jam to. Worried about night travel? It is okay! With our hoverboards we have thought of that feature as well. All of our boards have LED lights so you can see where you are going in front and in the rear! Traveling home from work or riding down the beach at night is made simple and easy with the LED lights. A multi-color hoverboard is perfect for all age groups and great for travel or just plain old fun!