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Purple Hoverboard

We have 1 of the only purple hoverboards that you can find online! The hoverboard is available below with bluetooth attachment for music playing ability. While supplies last you can get a carrying bag added to your order to make life easier. Edge Extreme models also have kinetic recovery systems built into them. Downhill motion plus sudden stops acutely charge your board as you ride. This hoverboard has revolutionized the balance board industry in its amazing features in battery technology. How cool is that? Purple hoverboard models also happen to be the fastest indoor models on the market. Zip around indoors with out ever lifting a foot. This model and the rest of the 2 wheel balance boards you find on our site, have the latest Samsung batteries. Feel confident when you ride through the streets or hall ways. There will be no doubt about it that you have the latest in hoverboard technology.

As of right now you will only find one purple hoverboard in our purple section but that will all change soon. For now you will have to enjoy the purple hoverboard. Speedy and nimble you will feel like a hoverboard ninja on this thing. Zipping in and out of obstacles like nothing you will wish you bought a hoverboard sooner! Things like shopping can be boring but some one has to do it. Why not do it in style by making it fun and easy. You will get things done faster if you replace walking with a purple hoverboard. You will also get to keep all of that energy you didn't waste walking around all day. This is the future get a board today while sales last! 

8 Inch Purple Hoverboard
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How To Ride A Hoverboard?

Learning to ride a purple hoverboard can be really easy if you know what to expect before getting on. When you step onto a board for the first time you should have your knees slightly bend and be very light on your feet with the expectation to hop right off as soon as you start to lose your balance.  As long as you quickly hop off the hoverboard the moment you start to experience too much shift in weight.

Safety Tips For Hoverboard

Safety tips for the purple hoverboard are simple. The first is to not leave your battery charging all night. The Samsung battery only needs 3 hrs max to charge fully. Another safety tip is to wear a helmet and knee pads when learning how to ride. Children under the age of 18 should also wear a helmet or other protective gear when riding their purple hoverboard.

What Am I Getting With The Hoverboard?

In your order you will be getting your new purple hoverboard with a UL certified charger. You will also be getting a user manual and starter remote. The starter remote can start your purple hoverboard and it can also lock it from people you don't want riding it.