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White Hoverboard

These 2016 White Hoverboards are white as snow! Blend in and choose a 10 inch wheel option to truck on through or simply get a 8 or 6.5 inch wheel. Tune your friends out and snatch up the Bluetooth option and listen to the hottest music. These boards are new Samsung developed batteries and offer improvement in durability. Cruise into the future with the best of the best in 2 wheel balance technology. Riding around on a solid white hoverboard will look like something right out of a sci-fi movie. Your friends and family will be stunned when your cruising around above the ground. Looking for a fast outdoor version? Then try our 10" inch model sure to ride over any bump or crack in the road before you. Buy hoverboards, they are the future.  Get yours before they are all sold out! Soon everyone will have one of these, what model will you choose? Free shipping to the USA.


Here at rethink hoverboard you can find three different models of white hoverboards for sale. We are sure you will find the right hoverboard for you. First you will see a 10 inch model that happens to be our most powerful version. It also has no trouble going over different terrains if your looking for the best model the 10 inch is for you. If your looking for a more indoor version then the 8 inch model and the 6 inch model. Both are nimble and quick to turn corners great for the office. No more running around like a crazy person you can now glide back and forth like a master.

8 Inch White Hoverboard
6.5 Inch White Hoverboard
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How To Ride A Hoverboard?

Riding a white hoverboard might seem difficult but its really not. Once you have trust in the technology you will feel like a super hero. Walking will be a thing of the past and you won't want to get off your board. You will find reasons to ride instead of walk all the time. Once your hoverboard is turned on and your standing flat on your pedals all you have to do is lean forward slightly. The weight of your body makes the 2 wheel balance board move forward as it try's to balance you out.

Safety Tips When You Buy A Hoverboard

Some simple safety tips for your white hoverboard include things like not leaving your battery charging all night. Over charging can ruin your battery so it doesn't hold a charge. The max charge time is 2 hours for your hoverboard. Other safety precautions include a helmet and knee pads for children and teens under 18, safety first!

What Am I Getting In The Box?

Your package will include your hoverboard for sale. As a gift it also comes with a remote starter. The remote can also lock your white hoverboard from unwanted riders. Lastly included is a UL charger and user manual. Your hoverboard also comes with a Samsung battery the most reliable battery on the market.