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8 Inch Wheel Hoverboard

Self balance and ride through the street with courage on our 8 inch hoverboards equipped with the latest SAMSUNG batteries. These 8" inch wheels allow you to ride on through the streets with no worries. Go ahead and show off with your board. These are perfect as a gift or for yourself! Fun for the whole family, bring them on vacation, to the store. Anywhere is fun with the 8" inch hoverboard get yours today and start riding! The 8" inch models have the leading battery charging capability's.These 2 wheel balance boards have a auto power shut off when your idle for too long, but it doesn't stop there. Built in is a Kinetic Energy Recovery system that charges your board when you stop and go down hills. Yeah its pretty crazy technology so what are you waiting for get yours today while sales last. 

8 Inch Black Hoverboard
8 Inch Blue Hoverboard
8 Inch Orange Hoverboard
8 Inch Green Hoverboard
8 Inch Red Hoverboard
8 Inch Purple Hoverboard
8 Inch White Hoverboard
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Tips On Riding The 8 Inch Hoverboard

Learn how to ride your 8 inch hoverboard with ease. All you have to do is follow these 3 steps. Then you will be on your way to mastering your 8 inch hoverboard. First you have to be ready to trust the balancing technology. Some people simply don't trust the hoverboard and fall off them selves. This can be avoided by being ready to stand flat on the board. Secondly once your stable and balanced you can lean forward slightly and you will start to move. Leaning back makes you go back and also breaks you. Lastly you use your feet to turn left and right. All you have to do is lean one foot in more than the other. We hope these tips help you get riding a 8 inch board!