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How Much is A Hoverboard

Glide Plus (6.5 Inch Wheels) - Most Commonly Bought Hoverboard - $349

Edge Xtreme (8 Inch Wheels) - Fastest Hoverboard - $399

Bluetooth Pulse (10 Inch Wheels) - Fastest Hoverboard / Multi-Colored - $499

The cost of a hoverboard has varied wildly in the past, due to the low product quality standards that were being followed by some factories in China. There are instances where certain providers were offering a hoverboard with counterfeit Samsung batteries and inadequate build quality. So when you say something like How Much Is a Hoverboard what you are really asking a question with endless possibilities. When choosing a seller of electronics one of the important selling points is how much does a hoverboard cost but you want a quality product that will last years and most importantly be safe and built with integrity.

This all changed in the beginning of February, when Underwriter's Labs (UL) announced a new safety standard that now requires all hoverboard manufacturers and sellers to abide by a strict framework of safety guidelines. This is noted in UL Code 2272, and these UL certified hoverboards are the ONLY self balancing scooters / hoverboards we will sell at Rethink Hoverboards.

Still looking For How Much Is A Hoverboard And How Much Are Hoverboards With UL Certification?

Our pricing will be 35% cheaper for pre-orders while our manufacturing arm is in process of receiving UL certification 2272, so if you're in the market for a safe hoverboard, from a company with dedicated customer care and integrity, order yours today!